This page contains notes and news of direct interest to Corbetteers - keen hillwalkers in Scotland who keep a record of the Corbetts they ascend. The current list of Corbetteers can now be accessed using our new database. One can search for names by surname or number, and even see who has a photograph attached. Background information on the Corbetts can be found in Hillwalking - Key Facts . Incidentally, the archaic spelling compleation is often used here, as a nod both to Izaak Walton's book 'The Compleat Angler', and a compliment to another noteworthy sport - Corbett-bagging.

Compleated the Corbetts?

Notification of compleation and any amendments to the List should be sent in writing only, to:

David J. Broadhead
Cul Mor
Drynie Park

Enclose a SAE to ensure a reply. Mr Broadhead, The Clerk of the List, is always interested in how long you have taken, the first and last hills, age, and plans for the future.

We do not provide numbers for those finishing the Corbetts; the date is however recorded.

Corbetteers' Pictures

Note that we can now accept photographs of you on your final Corbett summit and we provide a listing similar to that maintained for Munroists. Once you have notified the Clerk of the List you may submit your compleation piture by email only to Files must be in jpeg (*.jpg) format, be at least 500px wide and have a file size of no more than 5MB. Please remember to include your compleation: number, date, hill, and companions (if wished).

Please note that your compleation photograph should be that taken at your final summit – and as they will be resized to 500 pixels wide, don't be afraid of getting in close to the subject. Likewise, a wide, panorama style photo will shrink down alarmingly, so squeeze in your companions and hug the cairn! Have a look at the range of photographs online to see what we mean. The SMC also reserve the right to decline submitted photographs.

Corbett Concerns

Twin Corbetts Separated - November 2012

The conjoined Corbetts, Buidhe Bheinn and Sgurr a Bhac Chaolais, are both given 885m by the Ordnance Survey. With a drop of 120m between the summits, both could not be Corbetts but they had been listed as a single entry with twin status.

A surveying team of John Barnard, Graham Jackson and Myrddyn Phillips (G and J Surveys) asked the SMC Committee if they would support a survey to measure accurately which was higher. Support was given, with the only condition being that the Ordnance Survey had to accept the result. Andy Nisbet and Dave McGimpsey accompanied the team in mid-September.

Both summits were surveyed simultaneously, using two GPS receivers, in order to give the most accurate result. Three hours of measurement from the highest rock (ignoring the cairn) were submitted to the OS for final correction, with the result that Buidhe Bheinn is 885.50m and Sgurr a Bhac Chaolais is 885.21m, plus or minus 0.05m.

Although Buidhe Bheinn is now the Corbett, the recommended walk is still to climb both, as it offers an unusual day of views into both Glen Shiel and Loch Hourn, and may persuade the enthusiast to ignore the 29cm.

The online Corbett's Table has been updated to reflect the results of the survey.

New Corbett: Beinn a'Chlaidheimh (Fisherfield) - September 2012

The former Munro Beinn a'Chlaidheimh is now a Corbett, more in the Munro's News.