This page contains notes and news of direct interest to Munroists - keen hillwalkers in Scotland who keep a record of the Munros they ascend. The current list of Munroists can now be accessed using our new database. One can search for names by surname or number, and even see who has a photograph attached. Background information can be found in other pages on this site such as Hillwalking - Key Facts . Incidentally, the archaic spelling compleation is often used here, as a nod both to Izaak Walton's book 'The Compleat Angler', and a compliment to another noteworthy sport - Munro-bagging.

Those who complete (compleat!) the Munros can record this fact and receive the magic number by writing in to The Clerk of The List (See below). A list of current compleaters is published annually in the SMC Journal, and also in updated editions of Munros Tables. To facilitate the recording of your compleation, the relevant information found in the Journal page is duplicated here.

Compleated the Munros?

Summit Photo

Notification of compleation and any amendments to the List should be sent
in writing only, to:

David J. Broadhead
Cul Mor
Drynie Park North
Muir of Ord

Enclose a SAE to ensure a reply. Mr Broadhead, The Clerk of the List, is always interested in how long you have taken, the first and last hills, age, and plans for the future.

In return you will receive your Munroists number and details on the purchase of a tie, or brooch. Additionally, an A4 SAE should ensure that you will also receive a Compleation Certificate, suitable for framing, with your unique number, signed by the Clerk of The List. Mr Broadhead will also be pleased to hear from anyone who has completed the Corbetts. More details of this in the Journal.

Compleation Photos

We also maintain a Photographic Hall of Fame. We now only accept digital copies of photographs, either from a digital camera or a scan of a physical picture.

Once you have received your compleation number you may submit your compleation picture by email only to Files must be in jpeg (*.jpg) format, be at least 500px wide and have a file size of no more than 5MB. Please remember to include your compleation: number, date, hill, and companions (if wished).

Please note that your compleation photograph should be that taken at your final summit – and as they will be resized to 500 pixels wide, don't be afraid of getting in close to the subject. Likewise, a wide, panorama style photo will shrink down alarmingly, so squeeze in your companions and hug the cairn! Have a look at the range of photographs online to see what we mean. The SMC also reserve the right to decline submitted photographs.

A good number of photographs are on now, and can be viewed by clicking on any name which is highlighted. Photographs from past compleaters are of course very welcome, and will be added to our site.

As an experienced hillwalker, you will no doubt be completely toughened by the vagaries and hardships of Munro bagging. If you miss out your final hill photograph then you'll just have to repeat all the Munros again - you only have one compleation per round. It's tough at the top. (See photo below!)

Photo by Cor Timmermans, of Meall Glas on Xmas Day 1999.
Friends are Martin Snijders (No. 3299) & his son Patrick (273 M)

Send in your photograph, we don't mind if it's out of focus, in a pea-soup, with your best friend's thumb covering half the lens - it's all part of your great achievement!

Munro's News

Knight’s Peak and Basteir Tooth Surveys - 23 Nov 2013

Following accurate measurement of the heights by G&J Surveys, and final corrections made by the Ordnance Survey, the summit of Knight’s Peak is the north spike at grid reference NG 47185 25415. Its height is 914.24m (2999.3ft). The nearby south spike is 914.16m. Knight’s Peak is therefore no longer a Munro Top. See full details of Knight's Peak Survey…

The summit of the Basteir Tooth is a solidly attached boulder at grid reference NG 46513 25268. The height of the Basteir Tooth is 917.16+/-0.06m. The Basteir Tooth is above 3000ft and so remains a Munro Top. See full details of Basteir Tooth Survey…

Demotion of Beinn a'Chlaidheimh (Fisherfield)

And then there were 282… Following confirmation that the Ordnance Survey has adopted the height information from last year's independent survey of Beinn a'Chlaidheimh, The Scottish Mountaineering Club can confirm that, at 914m, the mountain falls short of the 914.4m height required to be considered a Munro. As a result it has had its relatively short lived Munro status rescinded. Up until 1974, following a new OS height for the mountain, Beinn a'Chlaidheimh had appeared on John Rooke Corbett's table of Scottish hills between 2500 feet and 3000 feet. The Scottish Mountaineering Club will therefore reinstate Beinn a'Chlaidheimh into Corbett's Tables; with the inclusion of this mountain and the other demoted Munro, Sgurr nan Ceannaichean, there are now 221 Corbetts.

The Munro's Table and Corbett's Table on the website have been updated and future publications of these Tables together with The Munros and The Corbetts books will also reflect this change.

We need hardly add that anyone who walks the mountains and hills of Scotland out of a love for their ambience, will continue to appreciate this fine mountain, regardless of the category the mountain finds its self placed.

New Columns added for other hill groups

Following requests from compleatists who have also walked the Corbetts, we have now added an extra column for this. Taking this opportunity, you will also find columns for the Grahams and Donalds. It is our intention that those Munroists who have also compleated other hill groups may have this fact noted on their Munro entry. For a brief explanation of the various hill groups, please go here.

We have added a list of the Munros - click on menu item 'Munros Table'. This allows you to sort by any of the headings in blue as well as search by Munro region. A list of the Corbetts is also available.