Munro Compleatists

Those who complete (compleat!) the Munros can record this fact and receive the magic number by writing in to The Clerk of The List (See here). Additionally, a list of current compleaters is published annually in the SMC Journal.
Robert Davidson - 1954
Ben Challum - July 4th, 1998

Suspects from L to R: Alistair Stewart, James Wiseman, Craig Dawe, Yvonne Gyseman, Nigel Hendry (standing), Moira Forsyth, Jennifer Stewart (both seated), Michael Jack, Robert Davidson with bottle, Charles Leith & Philip Whitfield. Robert also sent in a poem, first published in a collection titled 'Things Not Seen' (ed. Stuart Campbell). We reproduce it here, and Robert can take the responsibility for copyright!

BEN CHALLUM A challenge, but not daunting. Not conflict. Climbing out of green Glen More on cropped grass,
through the cloud's underside and into it,
onto the plateau. Walking on water
trapped in peat. Its slow give and ankle grasp
that asks: must you? Its plowter and sook.
The silent mist. The shoulder we ascend
as if we were first. Getting there at last.
Making it. The cairn on the South Top.

I rest on the stones. The others go on.
Alone, I am contained within a ring
of quietude. My sanctuary is
the knowledge of unseeable beauty.

Only stones remain here. A path leads up
that must be taken; and taken alone.
This is how I want to enter heaven,
with my friends waiting for me at the cairn.