Munro Compleatists

Those who complete (compleat!) the Munros can record this fact and receive the magic number by writing in to The Clerk of The List (See here). Additionally, a list of current compleaters is published annually in the SMC Journal.
Stan Work - 3325
Stob Ban (Grey Corries) - 02 October 2004

Stan has apologised for the camera work; looks like a lens about to fall off its mount to me. He's a member of the Moray M.C. He also enclosed a copy of his elder brother Keith's poem, which was handed to him as a framed copy. Keith (1291) has been walking & climbing with Stan for 45 years.

The Munroist

The days are long
and short the step
as up and up as near you get
to summits proud
not often seen
for swirling mists that come between

On better days
a thirst that rages
slopes of scree
that go on for ages
a passer by, a friendly smile
'your near the top!! aboot another mile'

But never mind
the years drift by
stob ban you see
against the sky
'Is this the one or is there more?'
'Not for you, its 284!!'

Never think you walked alone
for I've been with you
let that be known
the joys, the pain,
the wet, the heat
are all forgot now your complete!

K K Work