Munro Compleatists

Those who complete (compleat!) the Munros can record this fact and receive the magic number by writing in to The Clerk of The List (See here). Additionally, a list of current compleaters is published annually in the SMC Journal.
Cliff Smith 4764
Ben More (Mull) 4 June 2011

Cliff notes: I began my round on Boxing Day 26th December 1985 with an ascent of Bheinn Ghlas by Ben Lawers thereby taking just over 26 years to complete.

I was accompanied on the final ascent by my father-in-law William Platts (1026), a close friend Alan Haworth (2625) & my wife Cath Platts (veteran of 4 Munros).

It was the gift of a set of Munros Tables the previous day from Bill Platts which got me started on my Munro bagging adventure.

On arrival at the summit, following in the traditions of the SMC and taking the lead of The Reverend A E Robertson I kissed both the cairn and my that order.

It was nice to be accompanied by my father-in-law and wife who were both present with me on my first Munro all those years ago.

The summit photos were taken by Lord Haworth of Fisherfield who I have been walking with for several years. Alan and I have hatched a plot to compleat our round of all the tops on 20th July 2023, that being the date of the Centenary of the first compleation of all the tops by The Reverend A R G Burn.

Alan also compeated his round on Ben More (Mull) back in 2001.

Our route of ascent was via the splendid north-east ridge connecting A' Chioch to Ben More. A mixture of light winds, sunny spells, warm temperatures and dry rocks made for the most pleasant conditions although unsportingly the cloud lowered to obscure the final 50 metres to the top.

Here we enjoyed a summit lunch of Crayfish Tail & Rocket sandwiches washed down with the obligatory Champagne followed by a moist fruit cake and a rather nice malt whisky. I am sure the founding fathers of the Club and the Tables would have approved of this splendid feast.

We dallied for almost 45 minutes on the summit which whilst shrouded in fine cloud was without a breath of wind. Rather ironically we were driven from the summit by the most regular companion during my round, namely the dread Scottish Midge. In my 26 year round this has been the first time I have been accompanied to the summit of a hill by these voracious beasties.

After a short descent we came into the most glorious views with the Isles of Eigg, Rum and Skye. A further speedy descent saw me at the farm by Dhiseig in a little over an hour. I was able to sunbathe, with an ice cold beer, for a further hour whilst the two elders (Platts and Haworth - combined age of 139) made their stately way down.

One final treat in store was being given the keys to Haworth's Audi TT (my dream car) and being directed to chauffer him to our celebratory meal in Tobermory. The meal consisted of several sumptuous course washed down with some delicious Sauvignon Blanc and concluded with rather more whisky than we had planned for.

Fortunately the keys to the TT were well hidden so we staggered back to our accommodation at a very late hour.

That concludes a short tale of a memorable journey that has taken half a lifetime but fills me with memories to last several.

L to R: SMC Member Cliff Smith (4764), Cath Platts, Bill Platts (1026) & Alan Haworth (2625).
Photo: Lord Haworth of Fisherfield