Photographic Contributions for Guidebooks

Photos are best submitted as digital images (see below for technical requirements), but slides/transparencies are also welcome. Please do not scan slides. All slides will be looked after and returned in due course. As normal, photographers will retain copyright on their photographs - we are paying for their use in the guidebook.

Cheers, Grahame Nicoll

We are now collecting photos for…

Outer Hebrides Climbers' Guide | Highland Scrambles South | SMC Journal

Outer Hebrides Climbers' Guide

A comprehensive Climbers' Guide to the Outer Hebrides. This includes Lewis, Harris, Pabbay, Mingulay, etc.

If you have any decent action photos for the above, then we would be keen to see them. Portrait (vertical) format or landscape (horizontal) format are equally acceptable. Historical photos (first ascents, aided ascents, etc) are also useful.

If you have any suitable photos which you would like to see in print then please send them to:-

Grahame Nicoll
St. Mary's Road,

Highland Scrambles South

The SMC will be publishing Highland Scrambles South, a companion to Highland Scrambles North. The authors, Noel Williams and Iain Thow, are now on the lookout for action photos (not crag photos) to illustrate the book, there are over 200 scrambles covering:
Rum, Knoydart, Ardgour & Ardnamurchan, Mull, Lochnagar, Cairngorms, Alder & Meagaidh, Nevis Range, Glencoe, Appin, Blackmount & Etive, Arrochar & Southern Highlands, Arran, Southern Scotland.

All the well known classics are included, for example: Fiacaill Ridge, Afterthought Arete, Crystal Ridge, Lancet Edge, Golden Oldy (Aonach Mor), Ledge Route, Ring of Steall, Aonach Eagach, Curved Ridge, Sron na Lairig, Dinnertime Buttress, Cobbler Traverse, A' Chir Ridge, etc. But there are many, many more scrambles that are off the beaten track on rarely explored ground.

Please send your photos direct to Noel ( who will also be able to advise if a particular scramble is included.

SMC Journal

Photos for the annual SMC Journal should be submitted by the end of April to be accepted for next issue.

If you have any suitable photos which you would like to see in the SMC Journal then please send them to the Journal Photo Editor.

Photos submitted in connection with an article should be sent alongside the relevant article to the Journal Editor.

Guidance for contributing digital photos

Digital Photographs for SMC publications.

1)  Photos from 4 megapixel cameras are adequate, 5 megapixel and above are preferred. Photos from modern smart phones (Apple iPhone 4 and above; Samsung Galaxy SII and above, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 800, etc.) may now be of acceptable quality. Always shoot on the highest quality and the largest image size.

2)  We require the original files exactly as downloaded from the camera. Please do not reformat, sharpen, colour or contrast adjust your photos. If you wish to do this to a copy to show us you have a picture with potential, fine, but it is not essential. We want the unadjusted photo taken in highest quality JPEG format. TIFF or RAW formats are also acceptable.

3)  Please be selective with the photos you send. Weed out the poor ones, we only want to see the best. And please do not send more than 2 or 3 almost identical shots.

4)  You must include name of route, grade, names of climbers (where known) and name of person to be credited with the photo. We also require your address and phone no. or email address.

5)  We prefer digital photos to be submitted on a CD as some email providers may reduce the file size of your image. However we will accept emailed images if necessary.

Digital photos burned onto a disc and posted.

1)  Please be selective with the photos you send. A maximum of about 40 images is usually enough.

2)  Please, if possible, include a printout (any size/any quality/several on a sheet) of your photos. This makes our work a lot easier.

3)  You must write the name of the route(s), grade, names of climbers (where known) and name of person to be credited with the photo(s) on the printout.

4)  Unfortunately CDs and printouts cannot be returned.

Digital photos emailed.

1)  It is important that you email the original unadjusted files exactly as downloaded from the camera. These will normally be between 2MB and about 6MB each. If it is less than 1MB it will not be usable.

2)  Please email photos one at a time. ie. each photo attached to a separate message. Your email must not exceed 10MB.

3)  You must include name of route, grade, names of climbers (where known) and name of person to be credited with the photo in each of your messages.