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Report 1998-99

Trustees met on June 4, October 1, 1998 and February 11, 1999 (the meeting on February 12, 1998 was covered in the 1998 SMC Journal).

During the course of these meetings support was given to the 1998 Scottish Savoia Kangri Expedition; the Jonathan Conville Winter Course 1998-99; the purchase of a PC for the New Routes Editor, and replacement of gas installation at the JMCS Coruisk hut. Support was also given to a number of footpath projects - Clachnaben Footpath Trust, The Footpath Trust (formerly known as The Ross and Cromarty Footpath trust) for Stac Pollaidh and Beinn Damph. Further support was given to the National Trust for Scotland for footpath works in Glen Coe.

Standing grants are made over to the MCofS towards administration costs, including the Access Officer, and of course the SMC benefits through annual royalty payments for the use of the Club's name in publications and a substantial portion of the production costs of small-print Journal pages is met by the Publications Company.

Footpath projects consume most of the Trust's available income. Although advice is sometimes sought on the technical aspects of a footpath project, any feedback from Club members regarding any SMT-funded path work would be appreciated.

The Munro CD Rom project is achieving reasonable sales; if this continues steadily more copies may have to be produced at the end of this year.

The Directors of the Publications Company during the period are T. B. Fleming (Chairman), D. J. Bennet, K. V. Crocket, D. F. Lang, N. M. Suess, A. Kassyk and D.C. Page.

The present Trustees are R.T. Richardson (Chairman), T.B. Fleming, D.C. Anderson, D.C. Page, C. D. Grant, A. Kassyk, S. Murdoch, P.W.F. Gribbon, S.M. Richardson and B.R. Shackleton. A. Kassyk and D.C. Page are Trustee Directors and provide liason between the Publications Company and the Trust.

Bryan Fleming has recently stepped down as Treasurer and we should all record our heart-felt thanks for his long service. J. Morton Shaw, 7 Kirkbrae Terrace, New Deer, Turriff, is the new Treasurer.

Secretary to the Trust is James D. Hotchkis, 39 Harbour Street, Nairn, IV12 8DS to whom all correspondence including applications for grants should be directed.

Grants Committed

1998 Scottish Savoia Kangri Expedition £500
Jonathan Conville Winter Courses 98/99 £1000
SMC PC for New Routes Editor £510
JMCS Coruisk Hut Gas Installation £1000



Footpath Fund

Clachnaben Trust £2000
Footpath Trust - Stac Pollaidh £8000

Footpath Trust - Ben Damph


National Trust for Scotland, Glen Coe


Contact Details:

The Secretary of the Trust, to whom all correspondence should be addressed, is

James D. Hotchkis
The Honorary Secretary
The Scottish Mountaineering Trust
Tradespark Road
IV12 5NF
Tel ( H ) 01667 - 455795
( Wk ) 01667 - 453278

Download Grant Application Forms

There are three forms available for grant applications: a General Form,
A Footpath Form, and an Expedition Form. They are in pdf format and may be printed out for completion and subsequent posting to the Secretary of the Trust, address as above. The pdf files are opened with Adobe Reader, which is available as a free download from Adobe ( (Any version including 3.0 and later.) If you have a problem with this format please request forms from the Secretary.

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