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Trustees met on 30th August 2001, 2nd May 2002, and 26th September 2002. Trustees were: T B Fleming (Chair), D Anderson, K V Crocket, P W F Gribbon, G E Irvine, G S Nicoll, C J Orr, S M Richardson, B R Shackleton, M G D Shaw & R K Bott. J M Shaw & J D Hotchkis in attendance.

August 2001: Grants awarded included the following recipients: Scottish Mountain Forum; JCMT (Scottish Winter Courses. One or more of the Trustees would attend a course as an observer). Details of a forthcoming Corbett CD were outlined and the Trust resolved to allow the Publications Company to go ahead with this project. A Mr Stephen Rice had compleated the Munros and donated £100 towards footpath maintenance.

Trustees agreed that the Trust constitution be reprinted integral with the Members' Handbook, after a consideration of the contents for possible updating.

May 2002: Trustees were: T B Fleming (Chair), R K Bott, K V Crocket, P W F Gribbon, G E Irvine, G S Nicoll, C J Orr, W C Runciman, M G D Shaw. J M Shaw & J D Hotchkis in attendance.

Grahame Nicoll reported that he had attended as an observer on a winter course run by the Jonathan Conville Memorial Trust. He reported that the course had been conducted in a professional manner.

Grant Applications included: Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Ken Crocket had assisted the Gallery and was in favour of supporting the application. £1000 was awarded.

N Saunders, Scottish Heart of Asia Expedition. £500 awarded.

Scottish Wildlife Trust - Postie Path, Ben More Coigach. Bryan Fleming had recently walked the path. Ken Crocket considered that the path improved potential access to Ben More Coigach. After some debate the Trustees awarded £12,000 payable over 3-4 years subject to work schedule.

Oban Mountain Rescue Team: This Team was new to mountain rescue but the Trustees agreed to support the application in principle. Trustees awarded £5,000 and would welcome future applications at a later date.

Ken Crocket suggested the Slide Collection be made over to the Trust. The SMC Committee had agreed to this. The decision would require to go to the Club AGM. The Trustees resolved that they would accept the Slide Collection if the Club transferred it to them.

The Secretary distributed the RSPB Reports on junipers in the Cairngorms.

September 2002: Trustees were: T B Fleming (Chair), D Anderson, G E Irvine, G Nicoll, W C Runciman, P W F Gribbon, M G D Shaw, R K Bott. J M Shaw & J D Hotchkis in attendance.

Applications: NTS Scotland's Mountain Heritage: The application was granted as applie for, that is the sum of £20,000 payable over five years.

Jonathan Conville Mountaineering Trust: Graham Nicoll spoke in favour, having been an observer at a January course. Sum of £1,014 was awarded, as applied for.

MCofS, Upland Path Advisory Group. As applied for, £250 was awarded.

Alpine Club, Alpine Club Library: As applied for, £500 was awarded.

Report from SMT (Publications) Ltd. Sales had not fully recovered from the Foot and Mouth crisis. The Trademark Application by the SMC had been successful.

Letters of thanks had been received from the Oban MRT, Nena Sunders, and the JMT (Schiehallion Footpath Restoration).


Contact Details:

The Secretary of the Trust, to whom all correspondence should be addressed, is

James D. Hotchkis
The Honorary Secretary
The Scottish Mountaineering Trust
Tradespark Road
IV12 5NF
Tel ( H ) 01667 - 455795
( Wk ) 01667 - 453278

Download Grant Application Forms

There are three forms available for grant applications: a General Form,
A Footpath Form, and an Expedition Form. They are in pdf format and may be printed out for completion and subsequent posting to the Secretary of the Trust, address as above. The pdf files are opened with Adobe Reader, which is available as a free download from Adobe ( (Any version including 3.0 and later.) If you have a problem with this format please request forms from the Secretary.

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