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Trustees met on 20th February, and 3rd October, 2003. Trustees were: K V Crocket (Chair), P Macdonald, R W Milne, G E Irvine, G S Nicoll, C J Orr, M G D Shaw, R K Bott, W C Runciman & A Tibbs. J M Shaw & J D Hotchkis in attendance.

Meeting 20th February:

Grant Applications:

South Georgia 2003: Trustees resolved to award a grant of £500.

Baffin Island 2003: The Trustees made a gesture of support and awarded a grant of £250. As with all expeditions, the Secretary would ask for a copy of the Expedition report.

Ben Rinnes: There was a full discussion on whether or not the grant should be conditional on receiving grant aid from other bodies. It was resolved however that no such conditions should be attached and the Trustees resolved to award a grant of £5,000.

Report from SMT (Publications) Limited. Richard Bott, Chairman of the Publications Company, reported on a busy year ahead with the Glen Coe and Ben Nevis Guides being well received. He explained the active and expensive programme fore the next year.

Rob Milne, Convenor of the Publications Sub-Committee commented also that the Ben Nevis and Glen Coe Guides were selling well.

Responsibilities of Trustees: The Secretary will distribute with the Minutes Reference to Charity Commission Publications for the interest of the Trustees.

SMC Slide Collection: The Trustees indicated they were happy to accept the SMC collection if the Club agreed in the future to transfer the collection.

The Treasurer suggested putting aside a sum each year with a view to future cataloguing and digitising the slide collection at some point in the future. The Club could then apply to the Trust for a grant for that purpose.

The Secretary will look into putting the Grant Application Forms on the SMC website.

Meeting 3rd October:

Donation: The Chairman reported that the Trust had received an anonymous donation of £50,000

Grant Requests:

The Trustees considered an application in respect of the purchase of Avalanche Transceivers. This was considered an excellent use of Trust funds. Pertinent points such as insurance, third party liability and availability of the transceivers to members of the public were discussed and it was agreed to explore these points.

Report from SMT Publications Limited:

The Chairman reported for R. Bott. Sales were up, but so were expenses, and net profits were slightly down. For 2004, the Company is aiming for five new editions and two new books. The Board had agreed to the possibility of sourcing printing abroad. The first e-book is moving ahead, with 'A History of Glenmore Lodge' by I.D.S. Thomson intended as the first such publication. It would be available as a download from the SMC web site and payment will be possible by a secure server over the net.

Peter Macdonald began a discussion on the Royalty Agreement, which is currently fixed at 2% of gross sales, in recognition of the Club's expertise. it was agreed to refer the question to an expert on the subject.

Retirement of Trustees by Rotation:

Matthew Shaw had recently become a Director of the Company and offered to remain a Trustee for another year. This offer was gratefully accepted. Gillian Irvine and Graeme Nicoll would be retiring as Trustees by rotation.

SMT Leaflet:

The question of a leaflet disseminating the activities of the Trust was discussed at length, with many useful suggestions raised. The leaflet should be attractively designed and Bill Runciman and Matthew Shaw should consider its wording in the first instance.

The discussion broadened to include grant applications in general including where best to inform the hill-going public about the Trust. The Chairman confirmed that all three grant application forms (general, footpaths and expeditions) were now available on the club web site.


The first meeting of 2004 was scheduled to take place on 27th February but was cancelled due to concerns about road conditions in the NE. The meeting is now scheduled for 2nd April.

Meeting 2nd April:

Present: K.V. Crocket (Chair), P. Macdonald, R. Milne with J.M. Shaw and J.D. Hotchkis in attendance. Apologies were received from D.J. Broadhead, D.A. Bearhop and A. Tibbs. As only three Trustees were in attendance, W.C. Runciman was consulted by telephone as and when necessary.

The Treasurer reported that the Trust was in good shape, and presented his statement. There was a review of funds committed.


Scottish Cordillera 2004. RM noted that there were no specific educational or scientific merits to be obtained from this Expedition (paragraph 6 on page 4 of the Application Form). For that reason the Trustees regretted that the Application was refused.

Rev B. Shepton - Greenland Challenge: RM considered the letter of support strong. PM noted the mixed objectives of the Expedition. KVC suggested that the stated objectives were worthy. The Trustees resolved to grant £1,500.

Avalanche Transceivers: Following a discussion, Trustees resolved to sanction the purchase of eight Tracker DTS transceivers. The following possible conditions were noted: a) A rental charge b) Trust insurance c) a user deposit. A futher consideration was the advertising of the availablity of the transceivers in the SMT web pages, and also through the MCofS Newsletter. If loan conditions were agreed, a total of £1,800 grant from the Trust was set.

Dundee Mountain Film Festival: The Chairman hoped that the Film Festival may be a regular applicant. RM asked that we would have an option for a small stand/table. The Trust was offering several of our publications as prizes, and Trustees would be encouraged to attend the Festival. The Trustees resolved to award a grant of £1,000 and would encourage an application next year and regularly thereafter.

Willie Ling's Mountaineering Diaries: These were held by the Alpine Club, and R.N. Campbell hoped to copy the diaries for the SMC contributions to the NLS (National Library of Scotland). The Trustees were keen to support the digitisation of this material and would support this request subject to agreement of suitable terms with the Alpine Club.

Allt a'Mhuilinn Path - Nevis Partnership: Following some general discussion, it was noted that all present supported the application for a grant towards improvement to the path in the Allt a'Mhuilinn on Ben Nevis. Trustees resolved to award a grant of £20,000.

SMT Publications Report: Rob Milne, Director of the Publications Company, reported on recent publications. The Northern Highlands Guide had been well received. The Lowlands Outcrops Guide would soon be available, as would the Sports Climbs Guide. Andy Nisbet was engaged in a Scottish Selected Climbs Guide. it was noted by RM that Tom Prentice, Publications Manager, had a very impressive input.

It was noted that electronic books would shortly be available, including a history of Glenmore Lodge.

SMT Leaflet: Work on this was progressing.

Date of Next Meeting: This was set for Friday, 11th June 2004.


Contact Details:

The Secretary of the Trust, to whom all correspondence should be addressed, is

James D. Hotchkis
The Honorary Secretary
The Scottish Mountaineering Trust
Tradespark Road
IV12 5NF
Tel ( H ) 01667 - 455795
( Wk ) 01667 - 453278

Download Grant Application Forms

There are three forms available for grant applications: a General Form,
A Footpath Form, and an Expedition Form. They are in pdf format and may be printed out for completion and subsequent posting to the Secretary of the Trust, address as above. The pdf files are opened with Adobe Reader, which is available as a free download from Adobe ( (Any version including 3.0 and later.) If you have a problem with this format please request forms from the Secretary.

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