Report from The Scottish Mountaineering Trust

The Trustees met on 3rd February, 10th June and 13th October 2006.

During the course of these meetings support was given to the Jacobites Mountaineering Club for Hut Renovations, the Jonathon Conville Memorial Trust, the Junior Mountaineering Club for Scotland for Renovations to a Hut called ‘The Cabin’, the Scottish Council for National Parks, Lorraine Nicholson for Course for the Visually Impaired and to Lorraine Nicholson for Training for the Visually Impaired (Alpine Skills Training), to the SMC for the scanning of W N Lings Mountaineering Diaries, to the SMC Journal Editor for a new Computer, to the British Trust for Ornithology for a Ptarmigan Survey, to the Nevis Partnership - Mick Tighe Collection, to the Mountaineering Council of Scotland - access and conservation, to the Dundee Mountain Film Festival, to the Oban Mountain Rescue Team, to Douglas Scott for an Exhibition entitled "a Life of Photography", to the Bill Wallace - "Go and Do it" fund to be administered by the John Muir Trust, to AHC Chalmers for the Borders Forest Trust - native tree planting.

The present Trustees are P F MacDonald (Chairman), R Anderson, R J Archbold, D A Bearhop, P V Brian, D Broadhead, C M Huntley, C J Orr, A C Stead and A Tibbs. J Morton Shaw is the Trust Treasurer.

The present directors of the Publications Company are R K Bott (Chairman), K V Crocket, W C Runciman, M G D Shaw and T Prentice (Publications manager).
The following grants have been committed by the Trustees:‑

Scottish Mountaineering Club - Scanning of W N Ling’s Mountaineering Diaries   £500
Scottish Mountaineering Club - Journal Editor new Computer   £500
British Trust for Ornithology - Ptarmigan Survey   £2,500
Nevis Partnership Mick Tighe Collection   £2,000
Mountaineering Council of Scotland - Access and Conservation   £12,000
Dundee Mountain Film Festival   £1,000
Oban Mountain Rescue Team   £5,000
Jacobites Mountaineering Club - Hut Renovation (as a grant)   £5,000
(as a loan)   £3,000
Jonathon Conville Trust   £1,222
Junior Mountaineering Club for Scotland - renovations to The Cabin
(as a grant)   £6,000                                                                                           (as a loan)   £4,000
Scottish Council for National Parks   £5,000
Lorraine Nicholson - Course for the Visually Impaired   £3,000
Lorraine Nicholson - Training for the Visually Impaired (Alpine Skills)   £305
Douglas Scott- A Life of Photography   £1,030
Bill Wallace - Go and Do it Fund   £10,000
AHC Chalmers - Borders Forest Trust   £1,600

The Trust are always looking for new applications. Applications are welcome and the application forms are available for downloading here. Completed applications should be emailed or sent to The Secretary, address as below. The Trust welcomes applications from disabled groups.


Contact Details:

The Secretary of the Trust, to whom all correspondence should be addressed, is

James D. Hotchkis
The Honorary Secretary
The Scottish Mountaineering Trust
Tradespark Road
IV12 5NF
Tel ( H ) 01667 - 455795
( Wk ) 01667 - 453278

Download Grant Application Forms

There are three forms available for grant applications: a General Form,
A Footpath Form, and an Expedition Form. They are in pdf format and may be printed out for completion and subsequent posting to the Secretary of the Trust, address as above. The pdf files are opened with Adobe Reader, which is available as a free download from Adobe ( (Any version including 3.0 and later.) If you have a problem with this format please request forms from the Secretary.

Trust Reports:

1998-1999, Update to 1998-1999, 1999-2001, 2001-2002, 2003-2004, 2004







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