1). Do not use any SMC hut if you are not double vaccinated or if any member of your household has Covid or is presenting Covid symptoms.

            2). Bookings are arranged to allow a 24-hour fallow period between groups. Weekend bookings are available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Midweek bookings are available Tuesday and Wednesday nights. All huts will be closed and empty on Monday and Thursday nights.

            3). The capacity of each hut has been reduced to ensure that hut users can give each other more space within the hut.

CIC:-  18 places for 1 group. 12 places for 2 groups maximum.

Lagangarbh:-  10 places for 1 or 2 groups maximum.

Ling:-  10 places for 1 group. 8 places for 2 groups maximum.

Naismith:-  8 places for 1 group. 6 places for 2 groups maximum.

Raeburn:-  10 places for 1 group. 8 places for 2 groups maximum.

A booking from a single group will be allowed slightly more places than bookings from a maximum of 2 different groups sharing. Please confirm numbers with the custodian and do not exceed this reduced capacity. Do not go to the hut unless you have a confirmed booking.

Please bring your own dish towels and remember to sign the hut book.

            4).  When you book, the custodian will send you a copy of our Covid Risks + Mitigations guidelines. Please read this before you enter the hut and follow the guidelines for the duration of your stay.

            5).  The person who makes the booking is considered to be the group leader and that person must keep a list of names, contact details and confirmation of double vaccination for all their group for 14 days after your return home. If a member of that group develops Covid symptoms on their return, please contact your leader who can then advise the other group members to arrange a Covid test. The group leader must also advise the custodian of the situation as soon as possible.

            6).  All SMC huts should be clean, comfortable and safe. If you experience any problems, please contact the custodian.

            7).  To book a hut, please see the individual hut page for booking instructions, which are being updated to take these precautions in to account.