On 17th December 2021 the Scottish Government guidance made it a legal duty for organisations in Scotland ‘to take all reasonable steps to fight Coronavirus’. https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-tourism-and-hospitality-sector-guidance/

We have revisited our hut management and lettings approach to demonstrate that we have responded to the new duty and the current threat posed by the Omicron Covid19 variant.

The immediate changes affect:

1) how the huts are let/booked and

2) the Risk Assessments required by accommodation operators including the SMC.

Until further notice, from December 28th going forward:

  • We will limit occupancy of all our Huts to 50% capacity.
  • We will favour ‘groups’ while taking bookings.
  • Lateral Flow Tests require to be taken by all hut users on day of travel to the Hut.
  • All hut users will require to ‘check-in’ using the QR Codes that we will set up for each of the Huts. This utilises the track and trace facility provided by Scot Gov System. There is 4G availability in the immediate vicinity of all the huts.
  • • During a stay at the hut, there will be advice about hygiene, cleanliness, ventilation, etc, all of which should be followed. Masks remain optional in hostel acommodation.
  • • The person booking the visit will be required to confirm compliance for the group.

The SMC will review this position regularly and will update and communicate any modifications though our website.

Huts Convenor