Scottish Sport Climbs

Author: Andy Nisbet

Published: May 2013

ISBN: 9781907233159

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2013. Written by a cast of 18 authors and coordinated by Andy Nisbet, this is the first definitive guide to sport climbing in Scotland; from the Central Belt to Shetland, and Aberdeen to Arisaig.

Sport climbing in Scotland has certainly come of age. There are now over 1300 sport routes on a variety of rock types, taking in crags in urban quarries, the glens of Coe and Nevis, and the open country of the Northern Highlands. This guide will be invaluable to anyone seeking to make the most of climbing in Scotland.

Also described for the first time in print are Scotland's three dry tooling crags, routes from D3 to D13.
The guide is in landscape format, 344 pages, and with a card cover. The 100+ crags covered by the guide are illustrated with around 45 maps and 50 photo diagrams, plus good coverage of action photos. Each crag has a description of approach, good pubs or eats in the area and top tips from the authors. Route grades range from 3 to 9a, and are colour-coded by grade for easy reference.


Lower Lednock topo - Scott Muir (July, 2013)

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