GPS Data Sets

Toby Thurston

Published: 2007
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The SMC GPS route files have proved very popular with hill-walkers as
electronic navigation has become more and more normal. These route files
correspond closely to the routes described in the two SMC Hillwalkers'
Guides (Volume 1: Munros, Volume 2: Corbetts and Other Hills), and they
are only available by download from this site. The original routes were
painstakingly collated by Mr Gerry Bye, using the Hillwalkers' Guides and
the O.S. 1:50000 maps. With a magnifying glass, Mr Bye went over each
route and decided what points to mark. Mr Bye's routes have now been
gathered into a more formal database, and extensively revised and
corrected. Elevation data is also being added to each point (this is
complete for the Munro routes, and in progress for the others).

In Version 3 we have decided to standardize on the now ubiquitous GPS
Exchange Format (GPX), and we have redesigned the printable route cards to
show more information about the route, and to provide more space for your
own notes. We have also decided to distribute the new cards in Adobe PDF
format, instead of Microsoft Word, so that they are accessible to a wider
range of users.

We welcome your suggestions for further improvements to our route data.
Our current plans for future versions include: further corrections and
optimizations of the route data; consolidating segments of routes that are
duplicated between the Corbett and Munro routes; completing the addition
of elevation data to all the route points; adding maps to the route cards.

Version 3 has been compiled by Mr Toby Thurston who like Mr Bye is a keen hillwalker. Any feedback may be easily made by using the Feedback form on this site.

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