Ben Nevis - Britain's Highest Mountain

Author: Ken Crocket & Simon Richardson

Published: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-907233-10-4

Cost: £27.50 (In Stock)

This is a highly illustrated and painstakingly researched history of a mountain whose global status far outstrips its modest altitude. Containing a significant amount of new research and historical information, this 2nd edition fully updates the history of Ben Nevis from 1585 to 2008.

Known the World over, today climbing on Ben Nevis is more popular than ever and the mountain's international reputation continues to grow, as its cliffs offer up some of the most challenging traditional summer and winter climbs around. Mountaineers have honed their skills and equipment on its flanks and ridges and applied them to dazzling effect on mountains around the World. A must have book for anyone who has climbed on, or is interested in the history of this great mountain.

Hard backed, 235mm x 172mm with 416 pages, including 400 colour and period black & white and photographs, maps & diagrams.

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