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Paper Archives

Our paper archives are extensive, and have been described in SMCJ 2022, p. 44-49. Presented below is one interesting example - Hugh Munro's personal copy of his 1891 Tables. This was carefully photographed or scanned by the National Library of Scotland some time ago for exhibition purposes, and we thank NLS for permission to use their images of it.

His personal copy is bound and has several blank pages interleaved for the purpose of making notes. There are no notes pertaining to the Introductory pages, and only one small note applying to a page of Table II. Accordingly, and since satisfactory copy of the Introduction and Table II may be found in SMCJ Volume 1 on the Journal Downloads page of this website, I have included here only the images of Table I and of the Notes pages in sequence.

Table I helps out the Journal Download of Volume 1, since the scan of it there has faults and some unreadable sections. Munro has marked the Tops he has ascended on the left of each page, and it may be seen that those he had not ascended were - as has been known for a while - Carn an Ealar Feisich, Carn Cloich-Mhuilinn and the Inaccessible Pinnacle.

Marks made by him in Section 8 (Affric) , show that he was aware of the typo in the first column which made An Socach Mountain No. 283 instead of 265, wrongly attributed Mountain status to the top Creag a' Chaoruinn, and left the Ridge South of Creag a' Choir Aird (now known as Mullach na Dheiragain) as a top when it should have been Mountain No. 283. These errors were identified and discussed in SMCJ 35 (1991) pp. 21-27.

Munro's Notes pages do not necessarily correspond with the Table Sections in which they are located. The subject of each note is identified by its Top number. These notes have not been transcribed or studied, so here is a nice research opportunity for you!