SMC Library

The Club's Library consists of books, club Journals, guidebooks, magazine, maps and expedition reports. It dates from foundation in 1889, and the first Librarian was one of the Club's founders, Gilbert Thomson. The Journal collection is particularly useful, since it includes runs of most Journals, and of all UK Journals. View our holdings of Journals.

It is located in the Special Collections Department of Strathclyde University Library, Cathedral Street, Glasgow (0141 548 4635). The collection is included in SUL stock, and may be searched via the SUPrimo search engine on the Strathclyde Library website. Cataloguing of our Library is still in progress, although all books and guidebooks are now catalogued.

Access to the Library requires a current SMC Club membership card, or a letter from the SMC Librarian or Secretary. Non-SMC members desiring access are invited to request such a letter, email

Members may borrow only books not considered rare or especially valuable, and older guidebooks.

Non-flash non-noisy photography of our material is permitted to those visiting the Library, subject to signing a form stating that the copies are for personal use only. Photocopying is charged at the usual rate, and email or telephone requests for photocopies may be sent to the Department.