Journal Downloads

The earliest Scottish Mountaineering Club Journals, 1890 - 1901 (issues 1 to 36), are available to view on the SMCJ pages of the the Glasgow Digital Library.

More recently we have commenced the long process of OCR scanning them and making them available online. The OCR'ed versions are now presented below up to 2007. The SMC would like to thank the Scottish Mountaineering Trust for granting funds for this project.

Clicking the link below will take you to the Downloads page, where you should choose the option 'SMC Journals (full scan)'; selecting the relevant decade will then present a list of the available journals for that period from which you can choose the journal you wish to download.

SMC Journal New Route Sections
Some years have Supplements which contain information that was not included in the print edition.
SMC Journals (full scan)
Some pdf's are large and may take and may require a fast Internet connection to download.
SMC Journals indexes (early Journals only)