Compleator Submission
Please use this online service as it simplifies the administration and reduces errors. If you prefer not submit online, applications are still welcome by post. If none of the options below meet your needs (e.g. you want to change your registered forenames), please submit your request direct to the Munro Clerk.
Please select which applies to you
I am a registered Compleator (ie. in the compleator's table on SMC website)
I wish to register for the first time the compleation of any hill list
I have recently made one or more submissions but am not yet registered
  • that your name, the year on which you compleated, photo and caption will be published on the SMC website.
  • that this and any other information you submit might be included in the annual report of compleations and compleators which is published each year in the SMC Journal (currently as "Munro Matters") and added to the SMC archive in the National Library of Scotland.

Contact Details
Munro Clerk: Alison Coull
Address: 23 Frogston Terrace, EDINBURGH, EH10 7AE.