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Profits from our books go to the Scottish Mountaineering Trust which is a Scottish-registered charity. Purchasing an SMC or SMT publication helps the Scottish mountain environment and the communities that enjoy them.

New Routes

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Guidebook Updates

You can find updates to some of our Climbers' Guides on their pages.

Outer Hebrides


The comprehensive SMC Outer Hebrides climbers’ guide covers adventurous sea cliff climbing, mountain routes and roadside crags in Lewis, Harris and Barra, the uninhabited islands of Sandray, Pabby, Mingulay and Berneray, as well as the remote cliffs of St Kilda. With almost 2,500 routes from...

Mountaineering in Scotland: Years of Change


From Ken Crocket, author of Mountaineering in Scotland - The Early Years, come the next instalment of Mountaineering history for Scotland. This second volume covers the period from 1914 to 1971. It was a period when there were many changes in the equipment and practice of climbing in summer and winter, and there was a significant rise in the...

The SMC produces a number of Hillwalkers' Guides including the best and most popular guides to The Munros and The Corbetts, together with a series of area guidebooks covering all of Scotland. In addition to its Scramblers' Guides it produces the definitive series of Climbers' Guidebooks covering summer and winter climbing in Scotland.

The SMC and the Scottish Mountaineering Trust (SMT) also publish books on the Scottish mountain environment, its history and its culture. The information provided in these publications is produced for the benefit of Climbers and Hillwalkers and the profits go to the SMT, a registered charity which supports a range of initiatives connected with Scottish mountaineering and Scottish mountain related projects.

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